The winemaking team at O’Neill Vintners & Distillers is comprised of industry veterans as well as recent graduates that are all dedicated to pushing winemaking practices forward and making consistently well-crafted wine. We take a progressive approach to our winemaking and truly view it from a team perspective. Everyone works together across all brands so our entire portfolio is elevated. By combining modern winemaking techniques with traditional artisan craftsmanship, our skilled winemakers monitor every detail to ensure our wines always over-deliver on the desired taste profile.

Perhaps the most important endorsement of our winemaking credentials is the fact that many other leading branded wineries outsource much of their California wine production through O’Neill Vintners. We love what we do and truly feel honored to share our passion and craft with you. 

“Our winemaking team is unique in that we all come from varied backgrounds and work experiences. But we all work well together. I think much of that has to do with our shared traits, work ethic and our general affection for one another.” 
– Steven DeCosta, Director of Winemaking