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37 million gallons of stainless steel, temperature-controlled cooperage.
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Bulk Wine

O’Neill Vintners is one of the premier bulk wine producers in California. Our unique production platform and winemaking approach enable us to produce a full range of varietals and wine styles – each tailored to meet the specific needs of the end customer. Featuring one of the most modern wineries in the Central Valley, O’Neill is strategically positioned to supply high-quality table, dessert and blending wines for our clients throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

O’Neill Vintners boasts a highly skilled, experienced winemaking and production staff of industry veterans. By combining modern winemaking techniques with traditional artisan craftsmanship, our winemakers monitor every detail to ensure that our wines will always over-deliver on the desired taste and flavor profile. We set high benchmarks for quality, and back up these standards by consistently producing award-winning wines across our full portfolio.  Perhaps the most important endorsement of our winemaking credentials is the fact that many of the leading beverage alcohol companies outsource much of their California wine production through O’Neill Vintners.

For more information regarding O’Neill’s contract production services, please refer to our outsourcing sell sheet.